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7 Reasons Why Tanzania is a Perfect Romantic Getaway

13 Feb

7 Reasons Why Tanzania is a Perfect Romantic Getaway

As soon as the sky starts to turn pink, you know a gorgeous view awaits at the top of the hill. Just a few more steps now.

All day you and your loved one had explored Lake Manyara on a private tour: its colorful villages, hunter-gatherer tribes, and surrounding wild lands. But now you’re on the hunt—the hunt for a sunset.

She squeezes your hand tight. This whole being-in-Africa-together thing has really brought you closer. As you two reach the top of the hill, a sweeping view of this ancient lakebed unfurls before you for miles, a canvas of blue and pink and orange sky extending for hundreds of kilometers in every direction. Your eyes water; your heart swells. The vastness of it all!

Zanzibar Beach
Zanzibar Beach

To your surprise, a small table sits at the viewpoint arranged with clean linens, two wine glasses, and a bottle of uncorked Chardonnay. Your guide stands there, grinning and proud of his surprise. This moment, this country, and the two of you: it couldn’t get more romantic.


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