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Safari To Tanzania

13 Feb

What’s the Difference Between Small Group Safaris and Private Safaris?

Safari Scenario #1: Smells of scrambled eggs and tea wake you up before your alarm does. You and your partner rise slowly in your personal bush tent surrounded by Serengeti National Park. Stomach growling, you head to the breakfast table where a hot meal is being served. Four others in your group greet you. The morning is cool and your group has a full day of game drives ahead so you double up on caffeine. Everyone is chatting and laughing, sharing how they slept, what they dreamed of, and what they’re...

13 Feb

7 Reasons Why Tanzania is a Perfect Romantic Getaway

As soon as the sky starts to turn pink, you know a gorgeous view awaits at the top of the hill. Just a few more steps now. All day you and your loved one had explored Lake Manyara on a private tour: its colorful villages, hunter-gatherer tribes, and surrounding wild lands. But now you’re on the hunt—the hunt for a sunset. She squeezes your hand tight. This whole being-in-Africa-together thing has really brought you closer. As you two reach the top of the hill, a sweeping view of this ancient lakebed...